Tensor Toolbox for MATLAB


The Tensor Toolbox provides the classes and functions for manipulating dense, sparse, and structured tensors using MATLAB's object-oriented features. This documention is provided via the MATLAB help interface under "Supplemental Software".

Quick Start

Tensor Toolbox requires a recent version of MATLAB to operate properly. We try to maintain backwards compatibility but cannot guarantee it. To obtain an official release, visit the Releases page. To work with the latest development version, please clone from GITLAB. Once you have downloaded or cloned the toolbox, simply add tensor_toolbox to your path and type help tensor_toolbox to get started.

This is open source software. Please see LICENSE.txt for the terms of the license (2-clause BSD).

For more detailed information, see getting started.

How to Cite

Because it helps us to show the relevance of this work, if you use the Tensor Toolbox in your work in any way, please cite the software itself along with at least one publication or preprint. The help and documentation will generally suggest the appropriate reference, but the three primary references are given below. We provide BibTeX source for each suggested citation. Thanks very much for your support.

Consider adding the short hash for the exact version that was used. If you clone the repository, use the command git log --pretty=format:'%h' -n 1. If you download, the long hash is baked into the filename, but you need only use the first 8 characters.

How to Contribute

Your bug reports and code contributions are warmly welcomed. This is an open-source project hosted on GITLAB at http://gitlab.com/tensors/tensor_toolbox.


Please email tensortoolbox@sandia.gov with any questions about the toolbox that cannot be resolved via issue reporting. Stories of its usefulness are especially welcome. We will try to respond to every email may not always be successful due to the volume of requests.