Tensor Toolbox for MATLAB, Version 3.6

The Tensor Toolbox for MATLAB provides a suite of tools for working with multidimensional or N-way arrays. Tensor analysis can be used for data understanding and visualization as well as data compression. Tensors are used in a variety of applications including chemometrics, network analysis, hyperspectral image analysis, latent topic modeling, etc. This toolbox provides many standard methods for decomposing tensors as well as fundamental kernels for writing new methods.


This toolbox is open source and hosted on GITLAB. See LICENSE.txt for the terms of the license (2-clause BSD).

Be advised that a recent version of MATLAB is required. Once you have downloaded or cloned the Tensor Toolbox, use addpath to add the tensor_toolbox directory to your path. Type help tensor_toolbox for a list of functions and classes provided by the toolbox. Type doc tensor_toolbox to access this documentation. For more information, see README.md


The Tensor Toolbox provides the classes and functions for manipulating dense, sparse, and structured tensors using MATLAB's object-oriented features.

How to Cite

To support this toolbox and its authors, please cite the appropriate works. The primary references are given below. Additionally, please cite the specific references mentioned in the help for the functions you are using. Thanks very much for your support.

How to Contribute

Your bug reports and code contributions are warmly welcomed. This is an open-source project hosted on GITLAB at http://gitlab.com/tensors/tensor_toolbox.

More information

This documentation is provided via the MATLAB Help interface under "Supplemental Software" and online at www.tensortoolbox.org.


The Tensor Toolbox for MATLAB is supported by Sandia National Labs and MathSci.ai. Please email help@tensortoolbox.org with any questions about the toolbox that cannot be resolved via issue reporting.